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Catch Phrase – What is/are the next step(s)?

November 18, 2009

If every word spoken corresponded to action taken, we would be a much more productive world.  Problem is, much more gets said than done.  At the end of our conversations we need to ask, “What is/are the next step(s)”?

In our conversations with our teams, friends, families we need to follow through and make sure that everyone is in agreement on what the next steps are, who is doing them and when things are due.   Asking these questions clarifies and confirms that the next logical step(s) are understood and assigned.

If you are not already asking these questions, start making them a habit.  Depending on the situation, you may want to further clarify with an email outlining your understanding of the next steps and who is going to do them.  Watch how much more productive your life becomes!

Update 1/13/09:  Erin liked the WordPress generated link from this site so much that I decided to add the link to the page.  Thanks for the feedback Erin.

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