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Catch Phrase – Beware the Dreaded UAAC!

January 12, 2010

What is/are UAAC you ask?  Good question.  UAAC are undocumented assumptions and constraints.  Left undocumented, they usually come back to bite you.  As you are initiating and planning a project, you (the Project Manager) should be documenting all the assumptions that you, your stakeholders and your team are making along the way and the constraints the project faces.

The Fourth Edition of the PMBOK* defines assumptions as “factors that, for planning purposes, are considered to be true, real or certain without proof or demonstration.” (PMBOK, p. 427)  They define constraints as “the state, quality or sense of being restricted to a given course of action or inaction.  An applicable restriction or limitation, either internal or external, which will affect the performance of the project or process.” (PMBOK, p. 429) Examples of both are given on page 148 of PMBOK.

Assumptions and constraints are inputs to project planning and should be reviewed and updated as the project progresses.

Additional Resources you may find helpful:

Typical Project Assumptions

Good article about Project Assumptions

Typical Project Constraints

** “PMI”, “PMBOK”, “CAPM” and “PMP” are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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