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Change Happens – Manage It!

January 31, 2010

As soon as the project plan has been approved by the project sponsor, project change management should be officially instituted.  Changes happen and the project needs a way to deal with changes effectively and efficiently. All project stakeholders need to understand the change management process and their role in change management.

Effective Change Management consists of 4 basic components:

  1. Change Approver(s) – this should be the sponsor(s)
  2. A process – this outlines how changes are introduced, handled and approved
  3. Change request form – a brief form with that outlines the requested change, the requestor, the problem being addressed, the impacts of the change and whether the change is approved/disapproved
  4. Change request log – a log to record the change request and the actions taken on the change request

For elaboration on a change management process see the template below.  It is thorough and contains diagrams, explanations and templates.  Word of warning – keep it simple.  Use the template as a guide.  If your organization is not already using official change management, ease them into it gently.  Start with the basics.


Change request form (Verzuh)

Change log (Verzuh)

Sample Change Management Process (State of North Carolina) (includes templates)

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