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“Project Manager Manage Thyself” – Part 2

April 19, 2010

In “Project Manager Manage Thyself” – Part 1, I told you that I would make a list of all of the things I want to do to my house and prioritize them.  I started with an excel spreadsheet listing all of the things I want to do to my house.  I rated them according to perceived (by me) ROI, cost, time, skill required and whether they had to be done during the warm months.  See link to spreadsheet in resources.

While I was creating the spreadsheet, I had to determine what I wanted the data to tell me and how to configure the data to achieve that result.  I wanted the data to tell me what projects would have the most ROI, cost the least, take the shortest amount of time, require the least additional resources and need to be done during the summer months.

I designed the scoring on my spreadsheet so that the data would present this information to me in a logical fashion.  You can see my scoring key in the spreadsheet.  I realize that my criteria is short-term.  Some of the projects with the largest ROI are expensive, take a longer amount of time and require additional resources, but I am looking for some quick, early successes that will keep me motivated to stay the course.

It is interesting to see how the activity prioritization process helped determine which projects should be done first.  I rated the ROI of all the projects 3.  Probably should have either deleted that category or been more discriminating in my ratings.  Lesson learned!

Based on the activity prioritization, I have determined the following order of the first 10 projects:

  1. Refinish Bed
  2. Refinish Dresser
  3. Caulk Outdoors
  4. Caulk Indoors
  5. Paint Bathroom
  6. Paint Hall
  7. Paint Kitchen
  8. Paint Living Room
  9. Paint Master Bedroom
  10. Paint Guestroom

Since the first two tasks involve refinishing furniture and require good weather, I am going to create a plan and gather my materials for that project first.  I want the bed and dresser to match so I will be able to buy the same product for both projects.

Next steps:

1) Start organizing my supplies for the first four projects.  I have bought many things.  Put them in one area.  Make a list of what I have.

2) Create project plan, budget and schedule for first 4 projects.

3) Post project update to blog next week.

Talk to you about these projects again next week.  As always your feedback and suggestions are welcome.


“Project Manager Manage Thyself” – Part 1

“Project Manager Manage Thyself” Activity Prioritization Worksheet

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