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“Project Manager Manage Thyself” – Part 3

May 2, 2010

I had no sooner posted the “Project Manager Manage Thyself” – Part 2, when I went back to my activity prioritization worksheet to double-check my ratings and make a few subjective changes.  I made some changes to my ratings and revised my top ten list.  Just slight adjustments, I do not want to develop analysis paralysis.

Since refinishing the bed will be a simpler project, I decided to make it the first project.  I am highly motivated by early successes, so I want to leverage that self-knowledge.   I will probably work on those  two projects simultaneously to optimize my use of sunny days.

5/2/10 Time for true confessions.  The last two weeks have been crazy busy so I have not had much time to work on my Home Improvement plan, but I did stop by one of the local Home Improvement Stores to research furniture stripper and possible finishes for my bed and dresser.

The gentleman in the store was very helpful.  I explained what I was doing and asked for a recommendation for a stripper product that would remove the finish and be safe around people and pets.  He made a recommendation, which I will probably follow.  I believe I have bought the product before so I want to see what I have on hand.

I have some furniture that I refinished a long time ago with tung oil.  I will have to share my “experience” with tung oil at another time.  I loved the way the pieces turned out and they have really stood the test of time, so I am thinking I want to do tung oil on these two pieces as well.

I am going to start with the bed and if I like how that looks, I will do the same with the dresser.  The dresser has darkened over time and I am hoping to get down to bare wood with the stripping process.  I have updated my worksheet and it is now called the PMMT Home Improvement Plan.  Your feedback, questions and recommendations are always welcome.

Next steps:

  • Clean bed
  • Strip bed
  • Buy supplies

Check out my updated PMMT worksheet, now includes budget and plan page.


“Project Manager Manage Thyself” – Part 1

“Project Manager Manage Thyself” – Part 2

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