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Death By Powerpoint

May 10, 2010

I cannot give an accurate count of how many Powerpoint presentations I have given and viewed.  They tend to all blend together after awhile.  It seems that we cannot communicate to groups without them.  I am not criticizing the tool, it is simply a tool.  A rather effective tool when used properly.  No, I am criticizing the content.

Information does not become “magically” more interesting or digestible when we put it in Powerpoint.  It is not a “cure-all” for poorly presented or disorganized content.  Bullet points are not a substitute for actual content.

I am currently working on two presentations.  Different subjects, different audiences.  I have been researching how to do better presentations.  Not just improve the “Wow” factor, but present information in a way that improves how people retain and use the information.  I have listed some of the sources below.  I will keep you posted on my findings and I would appreciate your feedback on the subject.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about the subject:

  • What was the best presentation you have ever seen?  What made it great?
  • What was the worst  presentation that you have ever seen?  What made it bad?
  • What is your learning style? Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, other?
  • What is the best learning environment for you?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


“Powerpoint makes us stupid”–these bullets can kill

Really Bad Powerpoint

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Powerpoint

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