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Reboot Your Brain

May 29, 2010

A friend recently posted the following thought, “If you want something new, you must do something new.”.  Simple, yet it hit a profound chord for me.  As a person who has recently had to increase the amount of writing she has to do on a daily basis, I have not yet mastered the ability to write on command.  Sometimes I sit down and the words seem to flow, and other times I feel like my head is going to explode with the pressure of trying to force it out.

As a student, I have regular weekly assignments to turn in.  These assignments are required whether or not the blue bird of inspiration sits on my shoulder.  As a teacher, I maintain this blog, providing additional resources and content for my students.  My goal for the blog is a post a day.  These two primary outlets for my writing often provide motivation and content for one another.  After writing a paper or working on a project for one of my classes, I want to share that information with my blog audience.  Sometimes the blog provides the perfect break from class work.  Either way, both venues are required and important.

Sometimes a brain reset is necessary.  Change of venue; step outside into the sunshine; turn on music; do a different task; whatever it takes to get the creative juices going again.  I frequently find myself applying pressure when I experience these “uninspired moments”.  Pressure only increases the block.  Today, in anticipation of many writing and research activities that need to be done, I took myself out for pancakes.  I know that I should not use food as a motivator, but a visit to IHOP is therapeutic for me on many levels.

As I was seated and started in on my coffee, I could feel the blockage start to break up.  The brain is an incredible vessel and it requires constant stimulation.  If it doesn’t get what it wants, it will try other methods until it gets what it wants.  My brain wanted to see the real world and have some fresh air.  I need to build more stimulating moments (read: change of pace and activity) into my everyday life and stop trying to force the constant flow of output.   The brain loves variety and mine was reminding me that it needed its daily dose.

Jessica, thanks for the reminder.  We never know how our words and actions will impact others.

What do you do to reset your brain?

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