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The Feiner Points of Leadership – by Michael Feiner

February 28, 2011

First, let me remind everyone that I do not advertise on this site, nor do I receive any compensation for the blog.  With that said, I am reading a good management book and thought I would share with the group.  I am not sure what triggered my purchase of the book, I think it was the title.  It made me chuckle so I purchased it.  It does not take much to encourage me to buy a book!  I  have bought/read many management books over the years – some memorable and useful, others not as much.

Today’s managers do not have time for books filled with platitudes.  They want tools and techniques that work and examples of successful strategies.  So far I have been impressed with Feiner’s book.  His credentials certainly sound good – he is the former Chief People Officer at Pepsi-Cola and he is now a professor of management at Columbia Graduate School of Business.  Still, credentials should always be taken in context. The book offers 50 basic lawas that will make people WANT to perform better for you.  It is always a good idea in management to address the WIIFM/WIIIFM for those around you.

One of the laws that Feiner describes is the law of expectations.  As he says, in general people respond to the expectations you have for them.  Expectations should be seen as a “ceiling on performance not a floor”.  I have worked with many people in a variety of organizations and it is rare that I have found people who do not want do their best work.  It is part of our jobs as managers to help bring the best out of those who work with us.

I would highly recommend the book.  It is an easy, straight forward read and a good addition to your management library.

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