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Vanquishing “Analysis Paralysis”

April 1, 2011

If Project Managers and their teams waited until they knew everything about a project before starting work, nothing would ever get accomplished.  Projects and programs are by definition unique efforts which means there are many unknowns.  We must start with the knowns and build upon them; this process of progressive elaboration, allows us to start working on the project, making adjustments as we proceed.  We must seek out the unknowns and work to understand what information is missing and what obstacles are preventing us from moving forward.

We must balance analysis with forward movement.  We must nudge our teams forward in an iterative manner with the understanding that we will learn as we do.  While we cannot rush into the project without planning, we must set the expectation with all the project stakeholders that we will learn as we go,we will start work before we know all the answers and we will make the necessary adjustments based on our results.

“Analysis Paralysis” can happen in a variety of situations.  I have listed some links below that offer suggestions on how to move past “Analysis Paralysis”

How to Defeat Analysis Paralysis -The PDCA Model

How to Close the Action Gap

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