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Earned Value Analysis – What is it? Why do I need it? How do I do it?

July 8, 2011

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a technique to objectively measure project scope, time and cost performance.  The concept of Earned Value Management (EVM) originated in the defense contracting industry and was first presented at the PMI Congress in 2000. (Abba, 2000).  First developed in the 1960’s, EVM continues to evolve as new uses and variations on the method are developed.

In addition to assessing a project’s current performance, EVM is also used as an early warning system to detect project problems as well as a tool to predict future project performance.  The resources below include information about EVM, the history of EVM, how to use EVM and EVM tools.  The excel spreadsheet by Xavier Lescalier, CAPM, is a particularly useful tool for those preparing for certification as well as those who need an easy-to-use tool in the field.


How Earned Value Got to Prime Time:  A Short Look Back and Glance Ahead (Wayne F. Abba, 2000)

Earned Value Analysis Presentation

Who’s Afraid of EVA? Overview of EVA

Easy as Pie Includes a downloadable EVA excel worksheet

Earned Value Management Presentation (DOD)

Earned Value Management (Excel worksheet that I shared in class – Courtesy of Xavier Lescalier, CAPM)

Additional Earned Value Exercises

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