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In Praise of Libraries

November 28, 2011
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Project and Program Managers need a variety of information to lead successful projects.  Most of the effective Project and Program Managers I know realize that their profession requires Lifelong Learning and a conscious effort to pursue their professional development.  Libraries offer a variety of resources to support Lifelong Learning and Professional Development.  We are very fortunate to have amazing library systems in our area.  Our local libraries provide the following services:

1) Books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and other media for check out.  These items can also be ordered online for pickup.

2) Digital books, movies, audiobooks for electronic download.

3) Online databases.

4) Magazines online.

Libraries are supported by our tax dollars and donations.  Libraries are a convenient way for us to learn and grow in our profession.

I have listed the local area libraries below.  If you do not already use your local library, check it out. Support your local library!

Sno-Isle Library

King County Library

Seattle Public Library

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