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Project Execution and Control – Session 3 Team Exercise – Helpful Hints

January 31, 2012

Hello class.  It is going to be a busy week with a second class on Friday.   To expedite your work this week, I thought it would be helpful to walk through the exercise and discuss what is being asked for and where to look for it.  I have included the text from the slide below with helpful hints in parentheses.  Remember that for the team exercises we are referencing the Old College Place Land Reclamation.

•For the Project Case Assigned:
–Use the Detail Schedule to create a Summary Performance Report with issues and risks for 5/21-27 (Find the detailed schedule.  Locate the information for 5/21-5/27 time frame.  Check the handout packet for sample Summary Performance Reports to use as template)
–Include a graphic display of the cumulative Actual Costs and Earned Value performance to baselines (Use information for weeks prior to and including 5/21-5/27.  Based on our class discussion and information in your handouts, how are going to report on the project performance?)
•Use the following collected data:
–Milestone 2 completed on time (site prep project) (What does the completion of this milestone mean?)
–The gravel walkways cost $558 and finished 2 days late (What was the budgeted cost of the walkway?  What is the impact of the walkway finishing 2 days late?)
–Change request #11 was submitted for analysis to purchase a $1,000 sprinkler system in the open area.  (What is the impact of this change request?  How will your team handle the change request?)
Feel free to submit your questions in the comments or send me an email.
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