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Upcoming Events – PMXPO2012 and North American PMI Congress 2012

April 16, 2012

There are several Project Management events coming up that you should be aware of, especially if you are PMI certified.  The first is a free virtual event put on by Gantthead and their associated partners, called PMXPO2012 on Thursday May 17th.  Gantthead is offering presentations and take away materials.  You get PDUs for the events you attend.  You can get up to 7.5 PDUs if you attend all the events.  I have attended this event in the past and found it to be informative as well as an excellent opportunity to get free PDUs.

The second event is the annual North American PMI Congress, which is being held in Vancouver, B.C.  This event is not free but it is an excellent learning experience and depending on how many presentations and events you attend, you can get up to 20 PDUs.  The main Congress is October 20-23rd.  It is held in a different city every year.  I have not attended the past couple of years but am seriously considering it this year, since it is so close and it will be held in the incredibly beautiful Vancouver, B.C.    There isn’t much information about the Congress on the PMI site yet but I expect to see it soon.

Wanted to make you aware of both of these opportunities for professional development.

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