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Beware The Meeting Troll

April 29, 2013

Achtung Troll!

Came across a post by Seth GodinA field guide to the Meeting Troll.  Referred to it in class last week and promised to post a link to the post.

As Project and Program Managers, we spend a significant amount of time in meetings; we lead, facilitate and attend meetings.  A well-run, organized meeting is an effective Project Management tool.  By setting meeting objectives, creating and adhering to agendas while keeping our eye on the clock, we help our teams stay focused and productive.  Personally, there is no greater hell than the “never-ending” or unfocused meeting.

The meeting troll is a risk to the team cohesiveness.  Watch how the team shuts down when the meeting troll spreads their negativity.  Teams do not do their best work when the environment is unsafe.  Meeting trolls undermine team trust and make team members reluctant to share their ideas and opinions.  

For more meeting related resources, see the following:

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