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3 Communication Skills Project Managers Must Have

August 15, 2013

Communication | ArtPrize 2010

PMI’s recent Career Central Blog Post, 3 Must-Have Communication Skills, says that the most important communication skills for Project Managers to master are:

1)  Give the people what they want.

2)  Choose the right communication channel.

3)  Translate strategy for the team.

Giving the people what the want means tailoring your communication to the needs of your stakeholders.  The success of your project depends on all stakeholders understanding their role in the project and how the project’s successful completion benefits them.  Understanding our stakeholders and their needs will help us select the most effective communication channel.  Creating a communication matrix helps us identify and address the communication needs of our stakeholders.  Most importantly the team needs to understand why the project is being done and the strategic objectives that are driving the project.

By mastering these communication skills we can improve our project success rate and our professional reputations as project managers.


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