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PME Session 2 – Planning

Catch Phrase: Beware the Dreaded UAAC!


Project Planning

Essential Steps and Outputs:

  • Define Requirements and Scope – Scope Statement
  • Plan Staffing (HR)
  • Plan Communications – Communication Matrix
  • Plan Purchases (Buying and Contracts) – Procurement Management Plan
  • Plan for Quality – Quality Management Plan
Terms & Definitions:
  • Change Control
  • Deliverable
  • Phase
  • Project Plan (Project Management Plan)
  • Scope (product vs. project)
  • WBS
  • Audit
    Make or Buy Analysis
    Procurement Documents
    Statement of Work (SOW)
Other Tools: Parking Lot, Burn Down Chart

Project Charter (Verzuh)

Communication Matrix (Verzuh)

Responsibility Assignment Matrix RAM (Verzuh)

Scope Statement (PMDocs)

Procurement Management Plan (PMDocs)

Quality Management Plan (OSI of CA)

Read PMBOK® Guide chapter 3, p. 37-47
Read Verzuh, chapter 3 and 4
Find the PMI Code of Ethics online and review
Work Breakdown Structure
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