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Project Requirements Management – Session 2

1)       Project Objectives

a)      Approach

b)      Sources

i)        Project Charter

2)      Functional requirements

a)      Categories

b)      Requirements Traceability Matrix

c)       Collection Techniques

i)        Brainstorming

ii)      Workshop and Discovery Sessions

iii)    Interviews

iv)    Surveys

v)      Documentation Reviews

vi)    Other elicitation techniques

d)      Supplemental Requirements

3)      Requirements Analysis

a)      Clarification

b)      Prioritization

c)       Process Modeling

d)      Feasibility

e)      Prototyping

f)        Requirements risk assessment

g)      Non-functional Requirements

4)      Analysis Outputs

5)      Functional Design

6)      Team exercises


  • Read Unearthing Business Requirements, Part III, Chapters 7-13
  • Read PMBOK, 3.5-3.6
  • Personal Project

–      Requirements Traceability Matrix

–      Requirements Analysis



*  “PMI” and  “PMBOK” are registered trademarks of the Project management Institute , Inc.

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