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Project Requirements Management – Session 3

1.     Documentation

a.       Overview

b.      Characteristics

c.       Best practices

d.      Formats

e.      Terminology

2.       Verification

a.       Standard methods of verification:

                                                               i.      Test

                                                             ii.      Analyze

                                                            iii.      Inspect

                                                           iv.      Demonstration

                                                             v.      Review of design

3.       Change Control

4.       Requirements Management Basics

a.       Baseline management

b.      Controlling consists of assessment and corrective action

c.       Monitoring Tools

d.      Corrective Actions

                                                               i.      Minor

                                                             ii.      Major

e.      Sources Of Changes

f.        Requirements Change Process Steps

                                                               i.      Define the business need for change

                                                             ii.      Identify the objectives of the change

                                                            iii.      Collect the requirements of the change

                                                           iv.      Analyze the requirements

                                                             v.      Document the change

                                                           vi.      Obtain approval

5.       Verification

a.       Best practices

                                                               i.      Measurable

                                                             ii.      Testable

b.      Methods

c.       Problems

6.       Verification Methods

a.       Test

b.      Analysis

c.       Demonstration

d.      Examination (Inspection)

e.      Verification

7.       Potential Verification Problems

a.       Verification failures require redesign or major corrective action

b.      Conflicting interpretations of verification methodology or parameters

c.       At what point is the system unacceptable to user/customer?

d.      “Punch lists” (also called clean up items, bug lists, action items,…)


Larry A. Fellows, “10 Steps to Better Requirements”,

The Project Management Book of knowledge, 4th ed, 2008, Project Management Institute

 Personal Project:



Requirements Management/Change


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