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Project Team Management

Note to students:  We will be using I-Speak materials which will be provided to you on the first day and the Verzuh book.  Please bring your Verzuh and PMBOK books with you to class.  Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.  The course materials for Project Team Management were developed by Sal Thompson, PMP, MBA.  The course materials are the property of Everett Community College and should not be used or copied without the express permission of Everett Community College.

Course Objectives:

•Communication & Cultural Awareness


•Team Building & Leadership


•Decision Making & Ground Rules

•Conflict Management

Session 1 – Interpersonal Skills/Communication & Cultural Awareness

Session 2 – Communication & Cultural Awareness (cont.) /Listening

Session 3 – Influencing/Team Building/Leadership

Session 4 – Motivation/Decision Making/Ground Rules

Session 5 – Problem Solving and Conflict Management

Project Team Management Resources

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  1. Virginia Ponce de Leon permalink
    February 24, 2011 12:30 pm

    Hi Margaret, I was wondering if you have extra (or can tell me where I can get extra) I-Speak your language questionnaires. I think this exercise would be highly beneficial for my department and I’d like to suggest my department take this test to help build better team work.

  2. Virginia Ponce de Leon permalink
    March 3, 2011 11:25 am

    Hi Margaret, I’m clicking on the Learning Style Survey and the I keep coming back to your blog. Is there something wrong with the link?

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