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Project Team Management – Session 4

Session 4 – Motivation/Decision Making/Ground Rules

Life is the sum of all your choices.  ~Albert Camus


•Recognize motivators that improve performance and morale

•Discuss techniques to reduce conflict and increase productivity

–Decision making techniques

– Ground rules


•Read Verzuh Chapter 10, p. 278-282 & p. 285-288

– Collaborative Problem Solving

–Conflict Management

•Read PMBOK® Guide Chapter 9 –Team management tools & techniques, p. 236-240


C. George Boeree, 2009, “Abraham Maslow”, Shippensburg University,

Vijay Verma, 1996, “Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager”, Chapter 2

MindTools, 2009, “Locke’s Goal Setting Theory: Understanding SMART Goal Setting”,

MindTools, 2009, “Using Maslow’s Hierarchy: Building a happier, more satisfied team,

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Max Wideman, 2002, “Team Decisions: Consensus Versus Consent”,

California DFG (Department of Fish and Game) Marine Life Protection Act  web site, Draft Ground Rules–SCRSG, 2008,

Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles, CSI Project site, draft “Team Rules”, 2009,

Additional Sources:

Decision Making Style Assessment
Power and Conflict Skills Assessment
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